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First Time Home Buyer Center is a source of tips and information for California first time home buyers. As an online information source, we provide California home buyers with the home loan and real estate information needed to assist them in achieving their real estate and financial goals! At the First Time Home Buyer Center, you may tap into specialists in California mortgage financing- able to assist most potential home buyers qualify for a new home loan. Here you can find hundreds of home purchase programs to qualify almost any borrower- even those who need a zero down program. Take advantage of our 24 hour FREE "Buying Power" analysis and easy application by clicking here; and be sure to bookmark our site since the contents is always changing, or add yourself to our mail list so we can keep you informed.

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Buying a Home with Credit Dings

Your credit report may be full of dings, compounded with a history of foreclosure and bankruptcy, but you may still get a loan for home purchase, refinance, or even cash out of your current home. It doesn’t matter whether you have charge-offs, collections, or tax liens on your credit report, as long as you can […]

Buy a Home With a Recent Bankruptcy

Buying a Home With a Recent Bankruptcy?   How long after a bankruptcy can I buy a home again? Today some lenders are able to take a look at person’s overall credit and financial picture to seek out borrowers who may have had a single issue leading to the filing of a bankruptcy.  It is possible […]

Should You Buy or Rent a Home

Should you buy or rent a home?   If, like most first-time buyers, you are presently renting, it’s easy to calculate your cost – simply, the monthly rent you pay. (Utilities, phone, cable, and other costs can be ignored in this comparison because they’ll be approximately the same whether you rent or buy.) But calculating […]


Realtor Referral?

Looking for a Realtor in Southern California? Midas Realty Group provides experienced representation to Californoa homeowners and home buyers throughout Southern California. Check out their website and read about the home buyer rebates. Orange County Real Estate